The word “nothing” implies that I have

not learned a thing.

And that is simply not true.


Your lies and denial

taught me to hold on

and seek out the truth

no matter the cost.


Your deep needs

taught me that

there’s a fine line

between love and hate,

and it all depends

on the choices we make.


Such choices as:

Which fork in the road

Should I take?

The one that promises

the world…

Yet only proves to be fake?


Or, the path

leading to higher ground?

It’s much steeper

and requires a

deeper look inside.

It is the most  painful, yet lasting way,

The long way around.


You taught me to

accept love at an arm’s length,

not trusting it

could be real or lasting.


Ironically (or not) you taught me

to have a strong faith,

even though you didn’t fully live it yourself.


You taught me to rely on The One

Who’s promises (unlike yours)

I did believe.

He taught me

Unconditional love

Truth, justice, compassion, mercy

And sometimes He even portrayed a

tough kind of love,

which I tried on you many times.


Over the years,

He and I have had our ups and downs.

I have denied Him.

I have questioned Him.

I have ignored Him.

I have even hated Him.


Yet, all the while

I still knew at my Core

That He is for Real.

His Grace was just too obvious.

And His mercy constant…


As greatly evidenced by

The countless blessings

And generous gifts…

A wonderful husband

Three beautiful children

Amazing friends

A wonderful church & school community

And so much more…


And those things are not just “nothing”.

They are not even “something”.

 To me, those things are




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