The Fasting and The Feasting

Lord You call us to…
Fast from judging others and feast on Christ dwelling in them
Fast from ill thoughts and feast on the healing power of God
Fast from words that pollute and feast on phrases that purify
Fast from discontent and feast on gratitude

Fast from anger and feast on patience
Fast from pessimism and feast on optimism
Fast from worry and feast on divine order
Fast from complaining and feast on appreciation
Fast from negatives and feast on affirmations

Fast from pressure and feast on unceasing prayer
Fast from hostility and feast on nonresistance
Fast from bitterness and feast on forgiveness
Fast from self-concern and feast on compassion for others
Fast from personal anxiety and feast on eternal truth

Fast from discouragement and feast on hope
Fast from facts that depress and feast on truth that uplift
Fast from lethargy and feast on enthusiasm
Fast from suspicion and feast on truth
Fast from shadows of sorrow and feast on the sunlight of serenity

Fast from idle gossip and feast on purposeful silence
Fast from seeking understanding and feast on mystery
Fast from fear and feast on truth and faith
Fast from self-pity and feast on joy
Fast from resentment and feast on contentment

Fast from jealousy and feast on love
Fast from pride and feast on humility
Fast from selfishness and feast on service

~Author Unknown

Happy Fasting and Feasting this Lenten season!


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