Somebody’s Baby

I wait for weeks,


to fill out your annual guardianship renewal forms.

Almost to the point

where I’m forced back to court

for you.

Avoiding the hurt and the official proof

of just where

all of your dark desires

have brought us to.


I don’t give you a copy.

Maybe I should, but I don’t.

Because I know you won’t understand.


Somedays I feel stuck in this mud

of thick, dark

suffocating despair.

Wondering where we would be

if you had just held on

to the hands

reaching out to help.


But then I crawl up

and remember all that I have gained

despite all of the darkness.


I cling to His promises of





All of which can never be taken from me…….for they are eternal……

“Do not abandon yourself to despair.

 We are an Easter people,

and Hallelujah is our song!”

~Blessed John Paul II




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