The Versatile Blogger Award

My blogger friend Christine has given me a Versatile Blogger Award! Check out her inspirational writing at her blog, Loving Life . She is an amazing writer, who was a past high school English teacher. She has a big faith and so beautifully captures the joy and love in life through her writing and wonderful photography.

So….in accepting this honorable award, I joyfully agreed to share 7 things about myself that others may be surprised to know. I will also tell you about 7 really GREAT blog writers that I love and follow, who inspire me on a regular basis!

So here it goes….

1. I was born in Winnipeg, Canada. My mom was RH factor incompatible with my blood type, and in 1972 not many rh factor babies made it. So mom and dad flew to Winnipeg from Minnesota 5 times while mom was pregnant with me to give me complete in utero blood transfusions (I had 5 more after I was born). When I was born, I weighed 3 pounds and was 6 weeks early. I stayed in the NICU for two months before I got the OK to go home.

2. As a girl, I wanted to be either a nun (until the 5th grade when I realized boys were just WAY to cute :), an artist, or a child psychologist. I went through some therapy as a young teen, so I thought I would be able to help kids in that way. I realized in college that I didn’t feel emotionally ready to be a therapist, so I went into Elementary Education! I loved being a teacher, and hope to go back to it in some capacity one day.

3. I am a goofy and silly mom. I love to joke around, be spontaneously silly, and make my kids (and husband) laugh. Sometimes (ok, a lot), this approach backfires on me when I try to be more tough with discipline!

4. I am very passionate about my Catholic faith. I taught Grade 2 in a Catholic school, and helped the kids prepare for First Eucharist and First Reconciliation. I now teach Faith Formation classes to each of my kids and the Catholic public school kids. I loved helping my daughter prepare for her First Eucharist this past year!

5. I LOVE all kinds of music. My favorites are Comtempary Christian Rock, Alternative r0ck, Alternative country, Blue grass country, Folk music, Blues, and pop. My dad and brother dabble with the guitar and banjo, and have greatly influenced my passion for good soulful music. I dream of learning to play the piano one day.

6. My dream is to one day be a Spiritual Director, or a Christian Counselor. I may also want to go back to teaching young kids part-time. Right now I am an Independent Consultant for Usborne Books and More, a Children’s Book Company.

7. I secretly would love to have four (or more) children some day (ha ha, don’t tell Eric 😉 I would love to possibly adopt a foster child, or a child from another country.

Ok…Now you need to check out these AMAZING writers that inspire me and others!

1. A Holy Experience is an extremely inspirational blog written by the best-selling author Ann Voskcamp. She wrote the best-selling book, One Thousand Gifts. Her descriptive and poetic language that she uses to talk of her deep Christian faith cuts me to the core every time!

2. Messages for the Soul is a wonderful blog written by my church friend, Rebecca. She writes about the richness of the Catholic faith and it’s treasury of prayer and devotional practices.

3. Sipping Lemonade is a very refreshing and insightful blog written by a young mother, who has a toddler with Downs Syndrome. She is funny, creative, and talks of the joys and difficulties in parenthood with amazing truth and grace!

4. Conversion Diary is a blog written at the National Catholic Register magazine. It is written by a very witty and hilarious woman who is devoted to her faith, her husband, and her many children! She writes of her very interesting perspective of being a former atheist who later converted to Catholicism.

5. I Have to Sit Down is an off the wall, hysterically funny blog written by a mom of, I think, 7 or 8 kids. Her humor centers around topics about family and faith. There are many times where I literally get a stomach ache from laughing so hard after reading one of her posts!

6. Voice of the Vicar is a blog written by a young, hip, priest friend from Minnesota, Father Nels Gjengdahl. He has a regular New Music Monday spot that I particularly like, where he discusses a particular popular song or artist, and then analyzes the lyrics to uncover the deeper spiritual meanings behind them. I have always enjoyed spiritual poems and lyrics, so it’s fun to read his expert Catholic commentaries about the many important themes in today’s music.

7. I’m Just F.i.N.E–Recovery in Al-anon is a blog that explores all issues about addiction recovery and recovery in having a loved one who has addiction problems. Syd, the author has a very expressive and compassionate way of describing the effects and dilemmas of the disease of addiction. He is also an amazing photographer, and writes about his very interesting life of being a marine scientist who lives on the east coast.

God Bless and Happy Blog exploring! 🙂


One thought on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations on the writing award, Mary! You are indeed an extremely, talented writer! Thank you also, for the complement on my blog…it was very humbling and encouraging to hear. I also, look forward to checking out the other blogs that you had referenced. Thank you for sharing them and some details about your life.

    With blessings to you and your family,

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