My Forever Friend

I wanted to share a powerful poem that has helped me this week, from the book “To Bless the Space Between Us”…




As twilight makes a rainbow robe

From the concealed colors of day

In order for time to stay alive

Within the dark weight of night,

May we lose no one we love

From the shelter of our hearts.


When we love another heart

And allow it to love us,

We journey deep below time

Into that eternal weave

Where nothing unravels.


May we have the grace to see

Despite the hurt of rupture,

The searing of anger,

And the empty disappointment,

That whoever we have loved,

Such love can never quench.


Though a door may have closed,

Closed between us,

May we be able to view

Our lost friends with eyes

Wise with calming grace;

Forgive them the damage

We were left to inherit;


Free ourselves from the chains

Of forlorn resentment;

Bring warmth again to

Where the heart has frozen

In order that beyond the walls

Of our cherished hurt

And chosen distance

We may be able to

Celebrate the gifts they brought,

Learn and grow from the pain,

And prosper into difference,

Wishing them the peace

Where spirit can summon

Beauty from wounded space.


Dementia and Chemical addiction are diseases that have been very slowly taking my mom, my friend, away from me for quite a while now. I struggle to reconcile the hurts from the gifts, but I know that within that struggle, there is much mercy, peace, and hope. Doors are closing one by one on our time together, and I am just trying to cross those thresholds with the grace God has given me…with love, honor, patience, dignity, and courage. And I know above all else, that love is eternal in God’s Kingdom…so I will hold on to that love, no matter what.



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