Building Bridges

I wrote this poem last night…while contemplating my parents broken marriage, and where addiction has led us….If anything, all of this has strengthened my resolve to have a strong marriage and family life of my own. And we, like most, have had storms of our own..but relying on the grace from God has seen us through and has made us strong. Counseling and marriage retreats are NOT over rated!

You’ve burned

all your bridges

with your lies

over time,


And now 

I’m left standing

wondering why…


As I stumble

in the wreckage

of your past life.


The boards

are all splintered

and just left 

there to rot…


Where together

your hearts

once sheltered

and reached far across


They are now

left jagged



the sharp rocks…



I can never repair

what was severed


Yet, we will


a strong bridge 

with Our Lord..


One that can


any sort

of weather…



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