Begin Again

With each new season
I seem to shed
another thin skin

I wriggle
and squirm
under the
pressure to change

Fighting to
be free
of what’s
holding me…

My self doubts
and shame

I get stuck
this is it
I am who I am

But then,
The sun rises
And it’s a brand new day

I look behind
and see them
wisked away
upon the winds

My old skins
I once thought
I could not
live without

I walk on again
to higher ground
as I hear
the echos
of my past doubts

Growing faint
and out of reach
in the valley below

Feeling free
ready to grow
and be more
of who I am
meant to be

With each
new climb
and new skin shed,

I will begin again…

I will begin again…


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