I can’t take

your pains away


But I can 

make sure 

I refuse 

to run…


So I will stay.


Even as I fight

my urges

to escape

your suffering


and pain


Because I have learned

your problems

don’t go away

just because

you turn around

and close your eyes


If you pretend

the gaping hole

in your heart

is whole, 


One day,

you’ll trip up

and sink in


and down so low


You’ll wonder

how it is

you could’ve 


really known…



I will keep my sights 

way up high


day and night


And I will know

at my core

that His grace

holds us so close


And cuts 

clear through

all these

bitter pains


And gradually,








For me,

for us, 

for you.

This is a beautiful song about feeling obsolete as an older person…when you are frail, slow, and forgetful, and not very useful to anyone anymore, so it seems…(but is far from the truth)


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