This poem is for all of those 55 million souls who never got the chance to see if they could thrive, succeed, or make a difference in this world.

It has been 40 years of legalized “mercy killings” in our country. I hope and pray everyday that the next 40 years, which our children and grandchildren will inherit, won’t sacrifice 55 million or even more. God be with us.




All of those lost souls

go somewhere



to be reunited


And I wonder,

of those who 

could have

had a chance,

and instead

were left there

to die…


Do they sit and wonder


and ask again and again,



We can shovel 

all the dirt in 

and then turn

and say

there is no sin.


But, just how long

until the wrath

and deep hurts

catch up

to our hearts

disguised within?


Sometimes the things

we fear the most

end up being

just what

we needed.


We cover up

our actions

and “choices”


Buying the lies

of  “out of sight, out of mind”


Burying them deep


the facades

and slogans

and empty promises

we seek…


U2’s song “40” was inspired by Psalm 40 in the Bible. It is one of my favorite songs.


This is my favorite version of the song.


This is my other favorite video version of “40”. U2 ends every concert with “40”, and if you are a u2 fan, there is nothing quite like hearing it live and in person!



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