I try so hard to focus on the good…there is so much. But on days when mom is seeping in grief from old hurts that have resurfaced…like thinking her mom just died that day (it’s been 13 years), or my dad just left today (even though it’s been 8 years) it is so hard. Dementia is a lot like reliving a nightmare…over and over again. That is the hardest part….yesterday becomes today, and not in a good way. I do feel comfort that I can help her through it, as best I can. But many days, the pain lingers…and so I cling to my faith and the goodness in my life. And continue to let go of the pain, anger, and sorrow….one day, one minute, at a time.

I wish I could switch

a light on in your head
to chase away
the fears
that you so dread

To feel your mom is not well,
“How is she now?”
“Have you heard, you ask?”
I reply, “She’s well mom, don’t worry
she is well.”

You miss her so,
As I miss you,
Slipping away
More & more
each day…

Perhaps one day soon,
you’ll see her again,
waiting to greet you
with her outstretched
loving arms…


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