Between Us

Between us  
The echoes of past pain
Silent only to you
Made dim by your affections
that surround,
“I am so happy to be with you”
“I missed you so much”
“I love you more than you will ever know”
The sorrow wishes to cling…
Dark shadows linger around,
As I glimpse of them again,
In your blank stares
& lost train of thoughts
I brush them aside
Vowing again today,
I will not permit them
To stay…
I am learning to love you
For you,
Not for who I have
Always hoped you would be
At times resisting,
yet mostly acquiescing,
To this grace filled
Painful  journey
Joyfully &
Holding on
for dear life
And Learning to let go
Of our lost hopes
& to good to be true

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