She is the brightest in the room,
and always has been.
Wearing the bright yellow sweater
I took from her home closet,
still in it’s package.
Passing it off as new,
not wanting to remind her
of home…
where ever that may be.
We stroll &
repeat our stories
again and again,
trying to pretend
that these things
have never been said.
I embrace our time…
these second
and third chances…
Grateful that she
still knows me,
and our lives.
God closed a few doors,
but opened more
windows wide…
And I am basking in
those breezes
that His peace brings…
And I will stand
tall, strong
and true,
Looking out on
the horizon,
with no worries
of  impending storms…
Only hope
for the day
and the truth of who
I am,
you are,
& we are
In Him.



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