The Prodigal Mother


I long to tell you

that he is here,

that you are not alone,

that you are well, &

you can live on your own…

all the many things

you have desperately longed 

to hear


For so long

I have wanted to give you

what I couldn’t give…


your health,

peace of mind,

hope in Him,

the lasting kind…

not the illusionary,

that is gone

once your buzz

wears off


Few know 

what it feels like

to repeatedly gaze into

the sad wrecked eyes

of a parent who has

lost it all…


Her marriage,

Her mind,

Her health,

Her comforts of a

privilaged life,

Her ability to walk,

Her freedom,

Her children’s trust…


I will tell you what you

want to hear


I can’t stand 

not to


In dementia talk,

they call it, “Theraputic Fibbing”

A necessary evil

in a world


and always changing


Bending the truth

to fit your perspective…


the way you have 

always lived


And now, I am forced

to do the same…

Go figure.


I will love you 


no matter 

how far

You go away…


The Prodigal Mother

and the loving





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