I don’t often write happy go lucky poems. I mostly write as a method of catharsis, to get out the complicated suffocating emotions swirling in my head & heart. Music has also been a great gift for me over the years to cope with the pain and loss.

This song, Hurt, is a cover song, but Cash does it best (in my opinion). The video is powerful. It portrays his roller coaster life, regretted choices, and how all that money & fame can’t undo the hurt. The line that gets me is at the end: “If I could start again, a million miles away, I would keep myself, I would find a way.”
It reminds me sadly, of my mom. She could have had it all…world trips, fun with family & friends, growing old gracefully at her majestic lake home with her grand kids playing around her. But, her choices took all that away.

I can only hope now, that God has a better plan.

We push
And pull
Our way
Your head

In and out
Of the traps you
Long ago

To disease,
The wires
No longer

Tripped up
On old faces,
And places

No longer
A threat,
Those schemes
You planned

They got you
Where they
Wanted you,
In the end


A prisoner
Your bed


2 thoughts on “Hurt

  1. Hey Mary, “Hurt” is one of my favorites. I go back and forth between which version is my favorite, Cash or Nine Inch Nails.

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