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Shine On

I have unpleasant visions of my mom’s thick, gnarled, ultra long toenails that are just waiting for me to attend to. The nurses don’t tackle toes. Apparently, toes are above and beyond the call of duty. I really can’t say that I blame them. But, there is something very sincere and intimate about caring for someone’s feet. Whenever I do mom’s toes, I feel humbled, and glad that I can help her in this way. Although, I think the salon would do a much better job. And almost every woman loves to have her “toes done”.

Changing adult sized diapers would be my deal breaker. The committed, caring, and compassionate aides and nurses are saints, in my eyes. Changing a confused, sometimes angry, depressed adult who sometimes resents you and hates you would be very tough work. I am so eternally grateful for those angels caring for my mother day after day. She keeps them on their toes, and they keep her on hers! I can sleep soundly now, after many years of worry, knowing that she is safe and well taken care of. For that, we are all blessed.

I think of what it means to lovingly sacrifice for those who are defenseless, vulnerable, alone, and without a clear voice to say what their true desires are. I think of the frail elderly, the physically & mentally challenged, the unborn, the under-appreciated, the unaccepted and the unwanted. Who is willing to be their voice…their helping hand…their advocate and Christ like friend? We are all called to be God’s hands and feet in this painful and broken world. When Jesus rose again His wounds were still visible, helping us to see that with His help we can survive our brokeness. We have our scars and wounds, like the risen Christ, to remind us what He has brought us through, and what He has lovingly sacrificed in order to make us His forever.

I think that it is a comfort to know Jesus’ wounds remain visible in His risen body. Just as our wounds are not taken away, but become a source of hope to others. And underneath our scars, we bear His light, for the whole world to see. During the Easter season, we summon the courage to let that light shine on through us for now and for always!

“Christ has no body now on earth but yours;

no hands but yours;

no feet but yours.

Yours are the eyes through which

He is to go about doing good;

yours are the hands

with which He is to bless people now.”

~St. Teresa of Avila


The Dig

I dig and dig

to get to the deep roots

of my brokenness

and deep hungers,

without severing

the young fruit

growing strong in the

shadow of Your wings.

My soul is parched

in this dry and weary land,

“Come to me all who thirst.”

Yearning for Your living waters

Open this heart

saturate and fill in

these crevices

created so long ago.

Cover these wounds

with Your pure and healing waters.

Help me yield

more lasting fruits,

renewed and nourished

by Your saving grace.

I rejoice because

You alone


You Are More

I have a good friend who is going through the process of a divorce. Her husband is an alcoholic, and has tried treatment many times, but he just can’t seem to stay sober. Our kids are very close friends as well.

It has been so difficult witnessing this raw pain caused by the devastation created from the effects of this disease, which also mercilessly tore my own family apart. In a way, it feels like I am reliving the agony and it makes me feel like that helpless, sad, & lonely little girl I was for so long, and still am in some respects. In therapy, it is grueling work trying to work on recovering and healing that innocent & lost inner child. With God’s grace, I hope to get there someday.

Addiction has no mercy. It strips those we love of their dignity, brightness, and truth. The miracle of recovery is that we learn we are more than the sum of our past mistakes, insecurities, and fears. We can be remade in the light of truth.

Watching those you love losing their battle with addiction is like watching a majestic vessel, like the Titanic, very slowly sink into the vast sea. Looking out at the once alive, vibrant, and bright ship, which once had so much potential, gives one a sickening sorrowful feeling.

All of those innocent lives affected, being forced to “jump ship”, so as not to “go down” with it. Yet, instead of escaping, they realize that they have only just entered into a new kind of hell. One where they need to learn to stay afloat…freezing and scared..praying for a life boat.

Thank You God, for the gift of our faith in You, who restores our sanity, and who has become our saving life boat in this vast treacherous sea of life! Now please help us to save and recover our true Selves!